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Engineering Team

Joseph A. Cristino, P.E.
Primary Discipline: Electrical Engineering, Electrical Forensics, Commissioning, and Integration.

Mr. Cristino is a licensed professional engineer with over 40 years of electrical engineering, electrical testing, electric utility and electrical forensics experience. He has practiced engineering since 1967 and been in private practice since 1983. His primary functions within the group are: Electrical Engineering and Design, Mission Critical Power Distribution System Design, Protective Relay Design, Electric Utility Distribution, Electric Substation Design, Power system Analysis, Fault Studies, Short Circuit Coordination, Load Flow, Commissioning, Integration, Bid Package Production and Project Management

Mr. Cristino also performs electrical forensic analysis for the insurance industry, municipal and private clients. He has provided expert testimony and depositions for both the insurance industry and several prominent law firms. His forensics experience is evident within the groups design practices that adds a layer of safety, reliability and code compliant maintainability to each design.

Nuno Almeida, EIT
Primary Discipline: Electrical Engineering, Protective Device Coordination Studies

Mr. Almeida has over 21 years’ experience as a CAD design technician and digital program expert. Mr. Almeida has extensive experience with electronic CAD such as AutoCAD, and SC, PDC, and AFHA programs such as, Paladin Design Base, ETAP, and SKM. Mr. Almeida is a certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, through the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI). Although CAI does not provide Fire Investigation Origin and Cause services, Mr. Almeida carries the NAFI certification to maintain a high level of fire scene knowledge and awareness. In addition to electrical forensic field work, Mr. Almeida has participated in forensic laboratory examinations and field-commissioning and troubleshooting of large power equipment and installations.